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What is the SBCSA

Our Facilities

The SBCSA training facilities are literally “on-the-water.” The Association maintains a set of floating docks on the east side of the Saginaw River in downtown Bay City. Here are kept the fleet of eight Optimist prams used for the Youth Introductory lessons and the three, 16 foot Transfusion sloops that are used for the Intermediate Youth and the Adult Introductory lessons. The area used for lessons is bounded by the Veterans Bridge on the south and the Liberty Bridge on the north.


The Association also has two outboard motorboats that are used by the instructors when coaching the students during the sailing drills.

In addition to the training boats, the Association maintains additional larger sailboats docked at Bay Harbor Marina. Qualified members may sign out these boats and sail them on the lower Saginaw River or on Saginaw Bay.

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