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What Does This SBCSA Offer?

Open Sailing

Association members and students who have completed half of their class may sail the training boats free of charge during the posted operating hours for Open Sailing. The facilities are open one evening per week, additional times may be added if there is sufficient demand.

Periodically check this page or the Our Calendar during the sailing season to find out the current hours for Open Sail.

Members are often looking for others to sail with them so even if you donít have a crew, come on down and team up with another member.

Participating in Open Sailing is a great way to practice the skills learned in a class or to simply enjoy a relaxing, evening sail on the river. With no additional cost for members and students, Open Sailing is a very affordable way to enjoy the water.

Training Boat Open Sailing
2016 Training Boat Open Sailing Schedule
Tuesday nights from 6-9. June 14 - September 6, weather permitting.

Keel Boat Open Sailing
2016 Keel Boat Open Sailing Schedule
Thursday nights from 6-9pm (RSVP required for Thursdays only). June 16 - September 1, weather permitting.

The sail begins at 6 PM sharp at the slip of the keel boat(s) going out. You must register ahead of time by emailing executive.director@sbcsa.org or calling 989-922-7245.
Three person maximum per keelboat. Both keel boats will be participating when qualified skippers are available.
In case of bad weather/sailing conditions, we will cancel and notify participants as early as possible.

Keelboat Open Sailing Prerequisites:
Participants must be members of the SBCSA.
Youth Intermediate Sailing, Adult Introduction to Sailing, or equivalent experience preferred.
Members under the age of 18 must have permission of the instructor and written consent of their parent or guardian.
Keelboat open sailing sessions will be held one night per week (weather and wind permitting) in order to help familiarize members with the skills needed to sail Brass Tack, a S2 7.3 (24'), or our 22' Capri Day Cruiser, both of which are docked at Bay Harbor Marina. The purpose of the Keelboat Open Sailing sessions is to help in the transition from sailing the training boats on the river to sailing a larger boat on the Saginaw Bay. These sessions will not teach you to sail, but will help you gain more confidence on the keelboats and sailing on the Saginaw Bay. When members are ready, they will be able to schedule a qualification sail in order to take advantage of our Independent Sailing program.
There is no additional fee for Keelboat Open Sailing.

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