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What Does This SBCSA Offer?

Bay City Yacht Club Lightning Boat Grant Program

SBCSA Racing Opportunity Program

Bay City Yacht Club Lightning Boat Grant Program

Bay City’s Lightning Fleet 216 and the Saginaw Bay Community Sailing Association (SBCSA) want to encourage young sailors by providing an opportunity to competitively sail a Lightning Sailboat for 1 year at minimal cost. The grantee will be provided a competitive boat and sails, insurance, and a Bay City Yacht Club “One Design Membership” which includes full facility use and storage for the trailer-launched grant boat on site for one year. The recipient will be assigned a “mentor” from the local fleet with lots of Lightning knowledge to help you get started, show you how to rig and tune the boat, boat handling techniques and other hints. The mentor will help you with some coaching, regatta planning, and even sail with you from time to time. At the end of the season, the boat may be available for purchase.

For requirements and how to apply, see flyer .

SBCSA Racing Opportunity Program

So I’ve completed sailing school, now what?
Want to crew on a race boat, or are you looking for crew?

Simply fill out the appropriate application that can be downloaded at the link below and send it to the address on the application.
If you have a problem downloading the application, call (989) 922-7245 or email info@sbcsa.org to get a copy.


  1. Provide sailboat racing opportunities for SBCSA Members (and family of Members) as crew on Bay City Yacht Club race program boats.
  2. Provide crew for participating race boats who need crew and are willing and able to participate in the manner we intend for this program.


In this program, SBCSA will act as the liason between local racing skippers and local sailors interested in learning to crew on a sailboat.
SBCSA's goal is to set both skippers and crew up for success through:
personal interaction, crew/boat pairing, and regular feedback from participants.


Participating Sailing Crew
  1. Participants must have an affiliation with SBCSA (past or present).
  2. Apply for the program using Crew Application Form.
  3. Get paired up with a participating race boat and GO SAILING!
  4. Provide feedback on: your overall experience, participating Skipper, SBCSA Coordinator, etc.
  5. After first time out racing, then at least annually.
Participating Skipper (and Team)
  1. Must be actively involved in Saginaw Bay racing (Lightnings, JaM and/or Weekend Races)
  2. Must provide an appropriate environment that is SAFE and CONDUCIVE TO LEARNING the sport of sailboat racing
    while have having fun at the same time. This may include adults, minors or both.
  3. Apply for the program using Skipper Application Form.
  4. Get paired up with a SBCSA ‘Graduate’ and GO SAILING!
  5. Provide feedback on: your overall experience, SBCSA crew member, SBCSA Coordinator, etc. at least Annually


Crew Application

Skipper Application

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